People on Staff

Rebecca is the owner of Art in the VineLearn more about Rebecca.

Rina is Rebecca’s mom.  She is the manager of the studio,  She does a lot of the behind the scenes stuff for the studio..including most of the Facebook posts. You will most likely not meet mom, but she is an integral part of the studio!

Ray is Rebecca’s dad.  He, like mom, retired to help make Art in the Vine successful.  Besides being dad, Ray is Rebecca’s teaching assistant on most Thursday-Saturday night classes.  He claims to work more now than when he had a job!  We lost dad in 2015, but he is still with us in every class….Love you, Daddy!

Trista Morris is one of the assistants here at the Vine.  She has been with us almost from the beginning.  We hired her 6 months after we opened and she is now one of our lead instructors.

Trista is an artist and designer based out of Fort Worth, Texas. Though she is currently attending college for Graphic Design, her background resides heavily in traditional art. She hopes to use her vast knowledge of art in the design world in order to merry the traditional with the digital.

Aside from the hustle of college classes, Trista currently works as an art instructor and assistant with Art in the Vine. She has worked with us at the studio for well over five years now, and works directly with the owner, Rebecca Winters, creating artwork and advertising for the studio.

Trista is constantly working with design concepts, and makes it a ritual and a point to paint and create each day. She believes in the concept of healing through art, and relies on the therapy of painting to relieve stress. In return, she also takes great pride in teaching others the beauty of art, and showing the many benefits of creating something unique.

To learn more about us, come to the studio.  We would love to meet you!