People on Staff

Rebecca is the owner of Art in the VineLearn more about Rebecca.

Rina is Rebecca’s mom.  She is the manager of the studio,  She does a lot of the behind the scenes stuff for the studio..including most of the Facebook posts. You will most likely not meet mom, but she is an integral part of the studio!

Ray is Rebecca’s dad. He, like Mom, retired to help make Art in the Vine successful.  Besides being Dad, Ray is Rebecca’s teaching assistant on most Thursday-Saturday night classes.  He claims to work more now than when he had a job!  We lost dad in 2015, but he is still with us in every class….Love you, Daddy!

Lynne is a long-time student turned teacher. She started attending classes in 2014 and became good friends with Rebecca. Lynne likes to remind students that she couldn’t draw stick figures when she attended her first class, and now she teaches some of them! She is our official assistant for the Paint Pouring classes, and she records her paint pours to create tutorials. She is also a tech guru and has been keep up with our crazy computer stuff. 
Jon is a student turned Assistant. Lynne started bringing him to classes in 2017 and now he works here too! He keeps Rebecca’s wine glass full and makes sure she doesn’t go crazy. He has been assisting with some of our bigger classes and private events. He gives great advice, but we mean it!…. don’t ask him to paint it for you!

To learn more about us, come to the studio.  We would love to meet you!