Because of the social nature of our classes, children under 18 cannot attend any classes on Friday or Saturday evenings. Please understand there will be no exceptions.

Children 15 and older can be in the studio during all other classes with the parental understanding that there will likely be social drinking. There must be a parent with the minor sharing in the experience in other words painting with the child. On Sundays, children 16 and older can come to the studio to paint without a parent.

We reserve the right to request identification and proof of age. 

Some Sundays will be designated family friendly with special pricing. For these classes, younger children – 12 and older can come to the studio to paint with a parent. Children under the age of 16 must always have a painting parent with them except during AITV Kidz classes. We do reserve the right to request the identification, please have this available if requested. Thank you.

We offer children’s classes for ages 5-13, on Saturday mornings. Please check the class calendar for times.

Our AITV Kidz classes are $20 for all acrylic classes. The first class is $15, please ask for the link. It gives you and your child the opportunity to see if painting is something they want to try and will enjoy. The canvas sizes will vary depending on the painting – never smaller than 8″ x 10″ or larger than a 12 x 16. The canvases are on flat board – easily framed.

We will be offering multi-media classes that will start at $25 and may be as high as $30 depending on the materials needed. These classes are so much fun and show the young artist that combining other materials such as paint, sand, rocks, paper etc. can create some fantastically fun pieces of artwork.

After the initial class, the price of a single class is $20. We do offer a package deal – pre-pay for 4 classes for $65.00. This is a savings of $15. Please visit the studio or call for more details.

  • The class limit for Children’s classes will be 15 students. There will be one instructor and depending on class size, 1 assistant. Parents are welcome to stay in the studio during the class. Parents are encouraged to stay and observe the Kidz paint.  Parents will be asked to sit in the back of the classroom, NOT with their child. We want this to be their painting experience and for them to have a sense of accomplishment when the painting is finished.
  • Please check the calendar for class schedules.
  • When offered, we will offer special pricing for our Family Friendly classes for those coming with a child.

We would love to help your child celebrate their birthday or a special event in a fabulously fun way. Plan a Private Party with us to celebrate any special event. We can accommodate younger children. This is a wonderful way to celebrate. Please call us to plan this special event at 817-706-4585.