The sign is here!  I hope you like it.  It looks kind of like a Movie sign.  I guess that fits, seeing as how we entertain here.

The bathroom is finally finished……….almost. =) OK, all it needs is some decorations. Yeah!  What a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had some awesome crazy classes!  Thank you for making my nights so entertaining. If you have a grape painting……I hope you get as many kicks out of thinking about that class as I do!

For anyone that got yelled at ,,,, sorry! My allergies are making me insane!  I can’t hear anything.  I did not realize how bad it was until everyone left and I could not hear my sister standing right next to me.

I had the weirdest thing just happen to me.  I sneezed a little bit ago and I was eating Chicken Express.  Sooooooooooooooo then I had to blow my nose and guess what came out? Yep, I somehow inhaled some chicken into my sinus cavity and had to blow it out of my nose……….so gross and a little painful.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

On a more serious note, thank you to everyone that has offered well wishes regarding Abuela.  Mom and dad are staying there and have been for the past several weeks.  I was able to spend the night last week.  It was a lot like when I was a kid again.  I slept with her and we stayed up late reminiscing about old times.  What an amazing woman!

When I went back this weekend, they had upped her pain medication and she slept most of the time.  She woke up long enough to kick us out.  =) They are now keeping her sedated.  I went out again yesterday and ….. well, I feel very fortunate that I had my time last week.

Thanks again for all of the love and support!