We have put together a painting cruise!  Come and paint with us.

I hope you all are as excited about this as I am.  Here are the details:

The trip will be for 7 days.  We are porting out of Houston and traveling from Saturday April 26th to May 3rd (the Saturday before Mother’s Day – what a great gift idea!)  The ship sails in the late afternoon, so you can travel that morning or go the night before.  I have not made up my mind about my plans just yet.

The days that we are at sea, (3 in all) we will be painting!  There will be 5 paintings total.  Susan and I will be creating special paintings just for this cruise.  They will be island based and unique to this experience.

We are also planning on doing a paint your pet as one of these paintings with an alternative painting for those without pets.  This is not firm.  We are going to wait and see how many people are interested in this before making a definite decision.

The days that we are in port, I plan on enjoying the new scenery and going on some excursions.  We are in each port for several hours.  This gives us plenty of time to enjoy all that they offer.

Prices for the cruise differ depending on the day you register, the size of cabin, and the placement on the ship.  If you have friends and family that do not want to paint, but want to cruise, invite them.  My husband is coming and he is adamant that he only paints walls.  What can I say?

To register, go to www.paintingatsea.com. There is an online registration form.  You do not have to enter your payment information. Tauni Alltop, from Elite Group Travel, is our travel agent for this cruise.  She will contact you after you fill out the form.  If you have questions, you can contact her directly at 817-427-5400 or  tauni@elitegrouptravel.com

Be sure to book your reservation soon because cabins are limited.

Hope to see you all there.  I cannot wait!