Hey everyone,

As most of you know, we are running a 1/2 price sale.  I hope you have taken advantage of it.  All classes bought this week and the next couple of days, will be good for 6 months.

It ends on Tuesday at midnight.

I just signed up to use constant contact.  I hope you liked the format.  I plan on sending out a few more e-mails this coming year.  Not many more, just a few more about new classes and some up coming events.

This was a hard decision for us.  As you know, we do not like to send out a ton of emails, and we really do not like to use a service to have to send them out.

Unfortunately, when trying to send out the e-mail to inform everyone about the sale, we hit a huge snag.  We discovered that our current email company would not let us send out more than 499 emails a day and then we had a big mess trying to figure out what went wrong.  After all, this was not a problem 6 months ago.

Let me apologize now to everyone that got the same email 2 or 3 times.  I am so sorry.  I kept getting an error message that it did not go through and then found out that unless you use Google, the image did not appear.

Like I said, a huge mess!

Any way, I had to break down and sign up for constant contact.  We will try it out and see if we like it.

If we are sending to your work or to more than 1 address, please look at the bottom of the email.  You can change your contact info, unsubscribe and forward to friends.  I will also have a link directly to my website on all emails.

I hope you like this change we are making.  Please send a feed back that you might have.

By the way, I will be sending out a reminder e-mail about the sale and in the next few weeks, you should get some info about the specialty classes you circle while in the studio.

I hope you enjoyed your 4th of July week.  I know I did!

See you soon!