Bought 7 stainless steel tables.  Found a great distributer in Store Display Fixtures, Inc in Dallas.  They had the best prices ($75-$100 less than everyone else, even the auctions) and were very friendly!

Finish waxing the floors last night.  It looks so much better!

Will have some help tomorrow. Yea!  The plan for tomorrow is to get the bathroom tiled, gets some benches built, and if we get to it, lay the base boards down and change out the molding around the doors.

After than, it is a matter of painting all the molding, doors and benches and then decorating.

I am almost finished!!!!

The web site is looking good.  Chuck McGee is doing a fantastic job!  It should be finished about the same time as the studio.

Now, if I could just find some time to get some more paintings done, I will be set.